Empowering Communities. Developing Opportunity.

When project management, real estate development, and acquisitions are led by a deep commitment to social and economic responsibility, communities are elevated, and opportunities are realized. 

Ready to Tackle the Affordable Housing Crisis?

Equitable growth starts with creating housing for our workforce.

At J.REID Companies, we understand that opportunity is location-based. That’s why we have centered our mission around the goal of developing sustainable and affordable housing across the county. By working carefully with community leaders together with our diverse network of partners, we build communities to enhance the lives and livelihood of the residents we serve!

That's why I'm here. It's not just about building housing. It's about redeveloping a neighborhood.

Eric W. Price, NHP Foundation

Those We Serve...

It takes a village to accomplish success in the real estate development industry! By cultivating long-lasting connections with financial institutions, government agencies, nonprofits and neighborhood organizations, we work towards creating a positive outcome for everybody.   

...my audacious goal is to create healthier communities by developing affordable, workforce housing for over 50,000 families, seniors and veterans!

John Reid, CEO

Our Approach

Led by a deep dedication to equitable, fiscal growth, we provide achievable workforce housing for hardworking households, elders and veterans in our neighborhood. Our goal is to transform the way you see affordable housing!

Market-Rate Design

We demand great design! By collaborating with exceptional architects, we understand that high-quality design that is cohesive with the  bordering areas brings higher value to the neighborhood.


We recognize that sustainable living is much better for the wellness and finances of our residents, the neighborhood, and the entire world. Therefore, environment-friendly buildings are the main pillar of our firm’s design and construction.

Local Alignment

We devote ourselves to the demands of the neighborhood, paying attention to our neighbors as well as elected authorities, and afterward establishing jobs that align with the bordering communities.


We seek to incorporate modern technology as well as offer cutting-edge services in our development, building, and construction practice.


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